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I hope its not rude but I borrowed the pic past around for kpop booty appreciation day lol. I was inspired by @kpopandkimchi and @AimeeH to make this card that praises some of the lovely male booties of kpop...... (wow I just heard myself and I am a weirdo, my apologies xD)

Well here we go~

Minho from Shinee-

That beautiful butt can put someone into a trance xD

Lee Hong Ki from Ft Island-

Even though he needed butt surgery it was impossible to tell that something was wrong with it ♡♡♡

Lee Joon (formerly 😢) from MBLAQ-

I miss this booty being on stage, but at least I get to see it on screen in dramas xD

Kim Hyun Joong from SS501-

Even though he is going through some stuff we need to give him his props for that banging booty xD

Mir from MBLAQ-

He has the cutest booty and in that last gif it just shows that he knows he got the booty, and others know as well xD

J-Hope from BTS-

He loves to flaunt his butt, and who would u be to deny it's glory xD


Look at his booty......LOOK AT IT......enough said ♡♡♡♡

Sungmin from Super Junior-

The beauty.....of his's OVERWHELMING XD

Takuya Terada from Cross Gene-

This beautiful Japanese man has alot going on in that trunk ♡♡♡

Key from Shinee-

Two Shinee members in one booty post!?!?! whatever exercises they are doing they need to share their secrets to other boy groups xD

G Dragon from BigBang-

His butt is so cute it's undeniable EVEN DRESSED AS A LADY and in the last gif he is trying to learn more butt techniques from T.O.P XD. T.O.P's beautiful booty has already been mentioned in another card, but I just wanted to add one more gif of that bootylicious booty ♡♡♡♡♡.

And I will leave off with Jackson's (from GOT7) exposed booty xD

HAPPY KPOP BOOTY APPRECIATION DAY TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT~♡ *I do not own these beautiful pics and gifs*
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the girl one for GD they said it wasn't really him
@mayawar that bootylicious booty was mentioned by kpopandkimchi at His booty does deserve several mentions though HE GOT A DONK. @CrystalBlunt MAAAAAAAAN I knew it was to good to be true, but his cute booty is real for sure xD
Minho's butt is what gives me life.
mmm mmm rain got that butt
@aliciasalinas @MissyKim Yes just alllllllll of the yesss xD