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Okay, I just joined Vingle at 3 A. M. Today, and noticed that people within the Anime community were being encouraged to make an introduction! I'm new to this whole side of the Internet and I've been curious as to what anime series' to start watching, which ones are not worth going after, and which ones are a MUST!!! I suppose I should start off by saying my name is Brandon and I'm 19 and I've only been watching anime since May of this year. An ex-"girlfriend" of mine introduced me to Nanatsu No Taizai (which is still my favorite!) and League of Legends. Since then, I've watched Black Butler, (finished and rewatched 4 times) Nanatsu No Taizai, Angel Beats (rewatched three times!), Green Green, No Game No Life, 7 episodes of Inuyasha, 28 episodes of Code Lyoko, 24 episodes of Fairy Tale, am currently on 41 episode of Hunter x Hunter, and I'm up to date on Charlotte! I keep an open mind when it comes to life in general, and I've tried to expand that to my anime! I'll give anything a try! Horror, romance, thriller, bloody, sad, action picked, story telling, adventure, hack n slash, fantasy, futuristic, magic, robots, shoot em up, any of them! Except, I refuse to watch Clannad, because I don't want to bawl my eyes out worse than I did when Hinata Proposes to Yui! ;-; (I tried to link and upload the video here, but it didn't work. My plan to make everybody sad didn't succeeded! NOOOOO!!! ) So, yeah haha any suggestions or anything, I don't sleep anymore so I'll probably respond relatively quickly with a heartfelt thanks! Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great night! Sincerely, Brandon
Welcome Brandon (@Arellano1052), it's nice to meet you :) How about Death Note, Soul Eater, Blue Exorcist, Tokyo Ghoul (have not watched yet), The Devils a Part-Timer, and Claymore. Do you like really romantic stuff? If so I can give you a lot of recommendations regarding that :)
Oh btw, we have a anime marathon tomorrow if you are interested ^^
I recommend Your Lie In April (Shigatsu wa kimi no uso). Its not just a good romance anime, but it also tells the story of how one overcomes his obstacle and troubled past. its just so deep and meaningful
Welcome to the Vingle Anime family. Thanks for doing the intro card. Hope to get to know you better! ^_^
you should totally watch Hitman Reborn! It's action packed, comedic, and just plain awesome. And also, belated welcome to the community!
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