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I Want to Start a Kpop Youtube Channel (after high school)

So a long time dream of mine is to have a Kpop and K-culture Youtube channel. I want my channel to be video reactions, show reviews and opinions, and my other little Kpop adventures including food and concerts. Does anyone have any tips because once I graduate high school this year I want to try it. Please comment
@adorkabledolly One things for sure when I make my first video I'm definitely uploading it here lol.
Actually you can just put up links to ur videos here. Im sure you will gain some atention that way. And if you dont get those first 100 subscribers in first week dont worry about it. As long as u enjoy making videos its fine. The vingle community is super nice friwndly and ive noticed open minded so i see nothing bad coming from showing ur vids here.
You should do one im thinkin if doing one as well
Yay~ can't wait 😄
If you want to do it, do it! I will be your first subby, haha. I actually made a channel, and did two video reactions and people were very nice. I haven't did more because I'm waiting for my sister to watch them with me. Like they said above, it's actually more fun doing it with someone 😆
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