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So a long time dream of mine is to have a Kpop and K-culture Youtube channel. I want my channel to be video reactions, show reviews and opinions, and my other little Kpop adventures including food and concerts. Does anyone have any tips because once I graduate high school this year I want to try it. Please comment
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If you want to do it, do it! I will be your first subby, haha. I actually made a channel, and did two video reactions and people were very nice. I haven't did more because I'm waiting for my sister to watch them with me. Like they said above, it's actually more fun doing it with someone 😆
@adorkabledolly One things for sure when I make my first video I'm definitely uploading it here lol.
Yay~ can't wait 😄
You should do one im thinkin if doing one as well
dude me and my friend are gonna do the same thing ✌made if we collab sometime.