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Using oil on hair is not a new method but a trending practice. Hair oil does amazing thing to your hair such as repairing ends, increase moisture and add shine. They're basically the holy grail for healthy hair. Still, as good as it sounds, we should consider a few things before slathering the stuff on. Finding the right oil and knowing how to apply them on the right way is quite important.

First, stay away from your roots.

The reason why we shampoo our hair is get rid of buildup and unwanted grease on the roots. Adding oil on your roots before styling will weigh your hair down. It also gives an impression of unwashed hair. The rule of thumb on applying hair oil is start from the ends and move your way up. If you're trying to tame dry hair near the root you can apply a small amount of hair oil on damp hair.
The takeaway: Unless you have unruly dry hair, you should avoid applying oil to your roots.

Second, start with a small amount.

This rule applies to all hair product. You may think I'm repeating myself from my other cards, but a little goes a long way! Applying to much at once will give you limited styling option and when it comes to oil, the only way to reverse back is start over -- wash your hair again.
The takeaway: You can always add more oil as needed.

Third, find the right formula.

No hair is the same and no oil is created equal. For fine hair, you need a formula that is lightweight. For thicker and frizzy hair, you need a richer formula with extra hydration.
The takeaway: It is important to choose the right oil for your hair type

Fourth, look at the labels

Pure oil should not contain silicones, mineral oil, isopropyl alcohol or ingredients that can potentially harm your hair or fake a shine. The label should have only a short list of ingredients.
The takeaway: Examine the ingredients before you make a purchase.