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I chose To do Xiumin (Baozi)! He's adorable and his faces were fun to do, even with me looking like a hot mess. Take my word, Xiumin Baozi is cuter than Aimee Boazi XD Warning: *Proceed with caution. . . No makeup and rugged pictures trying to match up to Xiumin, are just right Below...*
Xiumin you cute little thing you! Why must you make me look ratchet!
Haha! XD
Pretty sure his picture's trump mine! XD
Again he's adorable and I just can't match up!
This is just an added bonus! I figured heck if i can't laugh at how awfully comical I look or let others laugh at me, then I'm just not contributing much to the Vingle Family!
This challenge was originally thought up by the lovely @amandamuska Here's the original link --> Be your oppa http://www.vingle.net/posts/998962?shsrc=v
These were soo cute!! And I love your smile!
@AimeeH Haha i bet it was fun XD I think i will do it!!! ≧﹏≦
HAHAHA this is so cute!!!
@yehet27 it was a blast dear! I tried not to laugh in them! :D You should do one too!
Omg, this looks like it was fun to make XD Awesome challenge!!(:
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