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Summer time is almost over for those of us who are entering school during August. I fortunately had the chance to visit the coast (in Oregon there is no such things as beaches, we call it the coast) with my family earlier this summer. I had lots of fun whale watching and eating at my favorite seafood/Asian restaurant (the Noodle Cafe). Hopefully, everyone gets an opportunity to visit coast (or beach if you prefer warm and sunny places) because it really makes you realize how big and small the world is at the same time. For those of us who will never get the chance to go to the beach (AKA the coast... for us Oregonians) with the members of BIGBANG, here is what it would look like. Am not sure I will be throwing my flip flop at Seungri, but if I were to throw something at one of the band members, it will most likely be him. ♡♡♡
Too funny! x) especially seungri and top. Love it!!
So basically Seungri is the pervert and TOP is the manchild... Coolcool.
@FabiolaGavina yes Oregonian
Haha, Top's face..
this is soo cute
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