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@punkpandabear I'm sorry for the wait and hopefully this makes up for it! I saw this Selca and I thought of a snapchat moment, if you do not like it you can tell me and I will make another one for you.
alright. Thank you.
It's cute. but it's too close.
@touchmybuttoppa To do this you have to pick anyone from the people you have received snaps from and then start the blue chat option by swiping to the right and then click the yellow button and then on the bottom right click the square and you will be able to add a picture from your phone and then you can make the same edits as you normally do on snapchat and then click the arrow looking thing to save the picture onto your phone and just exit out of it and you're all set
how do you make this snapchat edit???
@punkpandabear I'll look for another photo