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I don't get why listening to k-pop is so bad? I mean it is a huge part of my life! Without kpop I'll probably not even be alive.
Why judge kpop? It's also music!
We also pick our favorites just how you choose favorite American singers or dancers.
And most important of all they make us happy/laugh when we fell depressed.
this is me every day. but my mom said something awesome to me a few weeks ago. she said she was really proud of what I have done with my love for kpop. she said that even though she teases me she thinK's everything I do with kpop makE's her proud...
so true and yes I have felt this way but I have got two of my friends into it so yay and I also have my vingle family
right like why is it wrong that i listen to stuff that I love , there is nothing wrong with Kpop and just because its in another language doesn't mean we cant understand it the whole point of music is to feel the music thats why music brings so many countries together , kpop and korean music in General just calms me and puts me in a good mood and if im feeling upset I listen to some music and I genuinely feel way happier. and of course getting to look at all my good looking bias is a plus lol