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Yes! AAALLLLL of them. Why? Because I'm weird like that. I guess this is most embarrassing because it's all four guys and not this one person like normal people. (I must let you know though that I had to dig deep into the depth of my heart for this one because I didn't think I had any). The Wayans brothers all make me laugh in their own way. If it's not on screen, it's the production. I don't know who is who and I can't name them but I can't miss them when I do see them. And I enjoy EVERYTHING they do. They're funny, sexy, hot and intellectual. And did I say HOT!!
If I get into trouble for this, I blame @danidee. ;D Love you girl!!
OMG YES. I love the Wayans. They're such an incredibly talented and funny family. I remember being a little girl and watching In Living Color and being like "WOW, how many Wayans ARE there.." And hahaha we used to sing the Wayans Brothers theme song on the playground in middle school.
@buddyesd YES And Jamie Foxx.
@danidee didn't j-lo and Jim Carrey come out on that show too?
I love their movies :)
Every time I see them or of them, my heart skips a beat. I can't help it!