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I agree with a lot of his thoughts about the war between directioners & kpoppers. It's just as ridiculous on instagram *leh sigh* yep basically pathetic and degrading:(...
Anyone else agree?..
I am a huge directioner and a huge Kpop fan. I would like to apologize on behalf of Directioners for their childish behavior but, nonetheless, I also apologize for kpoppers childish behavior and hypocrisy. Some say, "They're so childish" and then go on and insult others, then becoming the childish ones themselves. Neither of my fandoms are looking too well in this war, but as long as everyone is safe is all that matters to me
Very much agree. I keep getting random attacks i never even said anything
these guy his worryed about CL in the US but hates kpop. ok i understand theys alot of people hating the US but the people that came from the US come from all over the world sceound i dont like when people dont like kpop or crazy kpop fans that go to to point if u never heard kpop or jt like kpop because its world wide on. dont think u know kpop because u really dont. jt because u dont like it or your a crazy fan so please respet your idols an if u dont like kpop please stay out of comments. āœŒ out
I just hope that Kpoppers stay strong and be good people. Some of the things that are being said are so horrible by 1D fans
We'll they made up now!! they got #welove1dandkpop to trend on twitter
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