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I agree with a lot of his thoughts about the war between directioners & kpoppers. It's just as ridiculous on instagram *leh sigh* yep basically pathetic and degrading:(...
Anyone else agree?..
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@osnapitzlilred well said. ima a huge directioner and kpopper myself and whats going on is just downright selfish on both their behalfs.
I didn't really hear about this so I'm glad and annoyed that it was brought up. glad cause I learned something new, annoyed because of the way things are handled on both sides. But as long as both sides understand that we all are hear for the same purpose and that is to show love and support to our favorite group then everything should work out for the better
@Queen35love true, but I think there's a misunderstanding:)he's worried for CL because of her debuting in the US, but he doesn't hate kpop. He's a fan of BTS and everything...
I am in love with kpop I've never likes any of those popular american boy groups and stuff but I think its crazy how people are just hating on each other so much u can't just hate on people for there preference in muzik especially talking about death in kpop u can't make gun of prope for that and also making fun of zayn for being an Arab and calling him a terrorist u can't make fun of people like that its just creating more world problems everybody should just leave each other ALONE!!!!