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So ever since I heard Roy Kim perform at KCON LA 2015, I've been listening to this song. His voice is really fantastic and this song is GORGEOUS!! So deep with the lyrics and the musicality is amazing <3 Ballads like this are like another side of Kpop that gets looked over a lot more. Most of the hype that comes from Kpop is from the awesome upbeat, turn up kind of songs. Ballads like this are just another part of Kpop that makes it all so amazing <3 I wouldn't trade away being a Kpop fan for anything. The music has so much feelz in it itself then you add the amazing artists, variety, dramas and just everything Home by Roy Kim is my obsession right now. So deep and simply beautiful!!!
Omg Meee Toooo I heard his voice on YouTube and Bamn instant K.O!!
Love Roy Kim!!! His voice is DAE to the BAK! So glad someone else loves him too!!! Also have you heard the song he did for the drama "Pinocchio"!?
roy kim is really daebak.watched him and jung joon young on superstar k4 ♥♥♥ love his song love love love :))
@jiggzy19 I haven't yet! but I will now~ ^^ @Sidneylovekpop omg I know right!! it's just as gorgeous live too!!!