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I haven't spoken up much about the Planned Parenthood issues here, but mostly because I read @LizArnone's card a while back it seems like she has the issue covered.
Still, I couldn't help but sure this great expose on Planned Parenthood and what they really want to do: you won't want to miss it.
I guess I should note that....
Just in case you didn't catch it, this video is meant to buy a funny reaction to the claims made against planned parenthood in recent months.
Isn't it sad when people speaking the facts is out-of-the-ordinary enough from the usual rhetoric to make us laugh?
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YASSSSS!! sorry i just saw your tagg but i love this video!! i just had this crazy fight with my parents about planned parenthood and they were like maybe you should do more research nd i was like listening to fox news isn't exactly research haha
@LizArnone Yep. Many people (even those I love and respect) rely far too heavily on traditional news sites to get their information without even considering the slant that comes with it.