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OK BigBang is my fav KPop Band. they're recent Let's Not Fall in Love M/V inspired me to do a digital drawing rendering of the group members. I made them cartoonish. I will show the original still and then my perception of the character. I hope everyone enjoys the cards I will be putting together and maybe I'll write a fan fiction for each rendering if you like. Just comment.
First up my Bias and the leader G Dragon. This is the original still.
Here's my rendering. I believe I caught the innocence and youthfulness that I found in this scene I hope it pulls you in and makes you want to protect and love him. I hope I did a good job. It would be awesome to make them into an anime. lol
so tag anyone you think would enjoy this drawing and maybe writing a fan fiction or whatever. thanks you awesome VIPs
The turtle neck is so cute!!
@kpopandkimchi I was worried for a moment that I wouldn't do the turtle neck right. But I think it made it even more cute
Another artist in Vingle? That's awesome and this drawing is great! ^_^
@biancadanica98 Thank you. I think I got it just right. I was trying to get perfect but it isn't but it's close enough for me
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