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Farewell Man Bun, Hello Dog Bun!
The hipster man bun has its moment. I've seen them reblogged thousands of times on Tumblr, Instagram, and were donned by your hipsters friends and top celebrities. Looks like the Samurai-inspired hairdo that spread across the globe like a lightening is finally settling down. The trend is now catching on with man's best friend...The four leg canine.
Let's take a look at the dog buns that stole our hearts (that even Harry Styles have to step aside).

Sundae the Cavoodle! The coolest celebrity Poodle.

The stylish Shih Tzu.

The Bearded Collie rocking a three-tiered bun.

The playful Australian Silky Terrier.

Last but not least, the musician donning the tiniest pup bun.

haha omg how cute!
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OMG. This is hilariously adorable!!! Hahaha. That last one really gets me XD
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@AlloBaber LoL omg crazy people
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