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What's going on in the hair world this week:
1. Miley Cyrus was featured on Marie Claire's September cover and her hairstyle for the photoshoot is one of the best I've seen on her. She should keep the lob!
2. The half up top knot finally earned itself and it's being introduced as 'Hun' according to Independent. What do you think?
3. Katie Holmes recently got a bob cut but her new low maintenance hairstyle is faced with criticism, mostly concerning how the hair makes her looks older than age. I think she looks fine.
4. Kylie Jenner gets a hair makeover for her 18th birthday. The platinum blonde might be her fiercest look but I have a feeling she'll change it soon.
5. And it seems like the heart-shape hair trend that South Koreans are crazy about was inspired by a Kendall Jenner's most popular instagram photo.