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So, here I am today, with another cocktail recipe, this time requested by lovely @allischaaff When it comes to Pina Coladas, everyone makes it in his own way. The essential ingredients are only light rum, pineapple juice and something coconuty. We all know Pina Coladas are creamy cocktails, so what to use for this great creamy texture? Some use coconut milk, some use coconut cream and some just ordinary cream. So you can mix up a Pina Colada in a really easy way, or you can put in some effort and create an ultimate Pina Colada recipe… Like I did. So, take out your big Boston Shaker and fill it up with the ice. Take your light rum, take your coconut flavored rum and a bit of dark rum. Like I said, light rum is essential, coconut flavored rum makes it even better, since this is coconuty drink. A dark rum is just an extra add-in and it makes a lot a difference. The taste is much richer and the color of Pina Colada changes from pure white to this muddy yellowy color. Next add your pineapple juice. For the cream I use ordinary cream AND coconut milk. So basically, I joined all the Pina Colada Recipes and created one, ultimate one. Shake it well and pour it into Pina Colada glass or Hurricane glass, like I did. Measurements: - 1 ½ oz. of Light rum - 1 oz. of Malibu - ½ oz. of dark rum - 1 oz. of cream - 1 oz. of coconut cream - 3 oz. of pineapple juice So, this is it. I hope you like the recipe, and if having a chance, try to make this at home, you totally won’t be sorry. And @marshalledgar I’d like to hear your opinion as well.
I'll have to invest, then. I trust your mixology skills absolutely :D @rodiziketan
thank you, I find it incredible as well. And I love boston shaker. It's the easiest, most effective and the funnest one out there. @allischaaff
Mmmmm. Oh god this sounds INCREDIBLE. Love the idea of using actual cream to create a creamy texture. Do you like using a Boston shaker @rodiziketan? I'm afraid to try, I feel like I'lll spill all over the place...
you go do that and start experimenting. You have to start someday :) @allischaaff