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G-Dragon & T.O.P’s latest track, off of Big Bang’s most recent single album ‘E,’ was banned from broadcast duo to language. Big Bang project duo GD & TOP’s new song “Zutter” was banned on KBS, but their side says there are no plans to edit the song. “We are not planning to edit the lyrics of GD&TOP’s ‘Zutter,’” said a representative for the group’s agency, YG Entertainment, during an interview with media on Wednesday. “The song was meant to be bold and shocking from the beginning so even the music video was filmed rated R from the beginning.” The song was declared inappropriate on KBS on the morning of Wednesday for suggestive slang words and phrases.
they are two grown men if they wanna use; bitch, ass, hoe, fucker, etc. etc. then they can.... KBS is one network. Big Bang is WORLDWIDE
Not surprised to be honest hahhaha but good for them for not changing it
it was the language?! LOL!! Not the MV but the language!! LMAO!!! THIS IS HILARIOUS!!
really? i mean look everywhere and you can see everyone using similar or samé words they did use in the Zutter ...do they think kids dont know them?... sure it was bold but it wasnt that bad ...
who needs KBS, if you have YouTube?
I still love this song and the video! It seems that rapping about how they feel they are viewed by people isn't allowed. I'm glad that they aren't going to change it. They never pretend to be anything but themselves and understand not everyone will like it but it's kind of tough turkey.
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