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Ahhh restaurant week, only the best few weeks of the summer and winter in all the big cities!
For these few weeks, July-August in the summer session and Feburary-March for the winter session, bargain hunters and the just the normal blue collar worker can enjoy a fancy dinner for a low low price!
So heres the deal.
During restaurant week over 300 of the fanciest, upscale restaurants will offer a full 3 course meal for the set rate of $25 for lunch and $38 for dinner per person!
Which is insane because I sometimes spend 25 bucks at a bullshit diner when I order some nachos before my chicken souvlaki platter.
What is really cool is that some of the restaurants that will be offering dishes like duck breast and lobster with hanger steak, are owned by famous TV personalities that we love from the cooking/travl network!
Here are a couple in just NYC alone:
Gordon Ramsay
Masaharu Morimoto (his dishes pictured above)
Anthony Bourdain
So forget the tired old "usual" date at Chilis where you get your "usual" and spice things up without breaking the bank!
Reservations are key so check out some of the locations on the restaurant week website nearest to you and get a table! It will give you the excuse to dress up and try something totally new, because trust me it will be delicious!