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If you're trying to make it as a designer, stylist, editor, or other profession in the fashion industry, reading up on the vast array of careers the fashion industry has to offer can help you figure out your personal passions and what it will take to get you there. As a follow-up to this card, I wanted to share some crucial titles to read to help yourself get ahead in the exciting, glamorous, and intimidating world of fashion.


The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia

This book isn't all about working in the industry, so much as it is about finding, crafting, and defining your own style. As Nina Garcia is at the top of the fashion world, holding posts as fashion director for Elle and Marie Claire magazines, she proves that knowing your own style is key to working in an industry that revolves around style.


How to Set Up and Run a Fashion Label by Toby Meadows

This book takes the idea of starting a fashion line and runs through the logistics through a business angle, taking an approach not commonly used when considering designing a clothing label. PR, marketing, and e-commerce are important subjects to be well-versed in, and creative-minded fashionistas could learn a thing or two from Meadows' business savvy.


The Teen Vogue Handbook by Teen Vogue Editors

The Teen Vogue Handbook breaks down the fashion industry into different categories of careers one can pursue. It's extremely helpful for those who are unsure of which path to take, and how they might get started in following a dream of a job in the fashion industry. It also profiles notable individuals in the industry and provides fascinating interviews.


Secrets of Stylists by Sasha Charnin Morrison

If you want to dress the stars, it isn't easy getting to the top of the styling world. Morrison tells you everything you need to know about getting styling jobs, defining an aesthetic and creating amazing looks for celebrities.


#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

As the former founder and CEO of NastyGal, Sophia Amoruso is an exemplary businesswoman on top of the fashion world. In her book, she teaches readers how to pave their own path, get things done effectively, and rise to the top as women in a male-dominated field.