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1 cup of Listerine or any brand 1 cup of white vinegar 1 galon of warm water (the most warm you can handle) Procedure: Place your feet in the mix for 20 mins and after that wash them. ** Repeat this procedure every week till you get the results you want. (all depends how bad are your feets. Thanks for reading! ^_^
Does this really work? I have really nasty callouses from my flats. :(
@hairconfetti yes I found it in an Organic recipes book my mom has ^_^
I tried this last year all it did was gave me smurf feet :/
Thanks for the gonna try it tonight. Ive been waiting so many uears for my feet to get better..i hope this thing works for me.Thanks a bunch.
Yeah I use to have this but all I did was take a shower everyday and wash my feet when I was in there and also soak my feet time to time also some comfortable shoes might help.