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May the force be with you, or in this case -- may the makeup be with you.

Star Wars fanatics it's your time to bask in the moment and run to your local drugstores. Covergirl is creating a limited-edition Star Wars themed makeup collection that drops next month in honor of the new film -- Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Before you ladies who aren't into such a classic film make a b-line for the door, let me assure you that this collection is pretty amazing. The collection theme is based on both the light side and the dark side [hence the glowing tubes], how amazing is that? There will be both futuristic and avant-garde shades of lipstick [silver and gold], nail polishes and mascara tubes with your favorite Star Wars quotes.

Fan or not, you don't want to miss this futuristic collection.

Omg, what?! I NEED THIS. Covergirl, take my money.
I def agree! It's amazing @buddyesd @B2STANG88
Looks super great
@jordanhamilton @danidee this is cool :)
yeah, I think I need a few of those lipsticks! not a star wars fan, but so excited @danidee