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Can't get enough of sugar? There are valid reasons as to why you're not the only one finding it hard to kick this habit. Also, this may be the main reason why you aren't losing weight.
Remember that fat is stored when you consume sugar. So, once your body takes in large amounts of sugar, your insulin levels will spike and your body's storage hormone and circulating glucose will be swept into your cells. Once your cells are already full of high sugar levels, then glucose is converted and stored as body fat.

Cycle of sugar addiction:

1. You consume large amounts of sugar and you begin to like/crave it.
2. Blood sugar levels start to spike, Dopamine releases in the brain, and causes an addiction.
3. Blood sugar levels fall because high insulin levels cause immediate fat storage and body will start to crave the lost “high” from sugar intake.
4. Start to develop more hunger/cravings. Low blood sugar levels will cause an increase in appetite and the cravings and the cycle will be repeated.

Tips and Tricks:

1. You should try your best to eliminate refined sugar and adopt a whole foods diet combined with other nutritional supplements and exercise.
2. Choose naturally sweet foods.
3. Examine your emotions.
4. Read food labels.
5. Don't eat out of habit because you need a feeling of "temporary" satisfaction.
I like this, when I get a sugar craving I pick something like cinnamon roasted almonds. c:
Oh that's a great sugar fix @majesticx thanks for the suggestion