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Based off of @buddyesd card about movies that terrified you as a child and @allischaaff for tagging me, I present to you the bases of about 40% of my middle school nightmares...

Beetle Juice!

My mothers favorite movies are "The Sound of Music" and "Beetle Juice", I know she's very interesting.
So come Halloween Mom would love to watch Beetle Juice on ABC Families 13 Nights of Halloween (best 13 nights ever honesty). And it was horrifying!
Dead ass, I still won't say Beetle Juice 3 times, but saying Bloody Mary doesn't faze me AT ALL!
I mean come on, just look at these pictures!
Firstly, there was Beetle Juice himself, ready to mess up your whole life....and afterlife with a face that looks like its decaying right in front of you!
And the nasty ass waiting room was not what my 8 year old self imagined in the after life. I remember asking my religion teacher if heaven was suppose to look like a run down doctors office. They were very confused.
And what the fuck happened to this guy and why didn't dying FIX IT! Now he has to live with his head all small for forever and it really stressed me I'm am 22 and stressing right now about it.
Just argggggggg! She looked like my Mom and when she would tuck me into bed I would be so nervous her eye balls would fall out and into her mouth and her face would turn into a dino face!
Now that I say that out loud I am wondering if having an overactive imagination is actually a bad thing....
Like the modern style house erected after the original was torn down didn't give anyone else nightmares. The wall paper itself gave me a headache.
And then the whole haunted thing. I just rented my first apartment and I am terrified that it is haunted and I won't realize it until it is to late.
But I have to say....even though it scared the shit outta me, it was and still is the best Halloween movie ever.
I loved this movie it didn't scare me at all I laughed a lot...
Oh my gosh yes! I watched a scene of it with my parents when i was younger and it scarred me for quite a while
I like beetle juice, he's quirky, funny and a hidden big heart :) For me beetle juice is heart warming comedy. The movie that scared me when I was in primary, has to be the Ring (Jap original version). I freaked out for whole 2 weeks! Any woman with long black hair I'd screamed and ran! lol
@Animaniafreak haha around the time that came out, I had this looong dark hair and would freak people out by putting it over my face and slowly walking towards them... hehe XD
@Animaniafreak I never saw that one but I did see the original grudge. that one freaked me out to and was already in my 30s lol
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