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Training Day, is a classic American film. Denzel Washington was amazing in his role as the crooked cop hell bent on clearing his debt to the mob.
A decade and a half after its theatrical release, Antoine Fuqua has found a way to breathe new life into the story line. The talented director has decided to turn “Training Day” into a television show.
Rumor has it that the new series will switch the races of the roles, making the seasoned officer white, with the rookie being African-American. The setting of the show will be in LAPD and during the present day.

Variety is reporting that CBS landed the project and will produce the pilot, with Fuqua set to direct and executive produce the television show.

If Training Day does get picked up by the network, it will join Rush Hour and Limitless as the latest movie-to-TV adaptations on CBS.
The bar has been set pretty high due to the quality of the movie. One could argue that a show with this type of content could be better served on cable due to the flexibility they have on scene content.
No one wants to see CBS drop the ball on a Training Day television show. The rollout must be calculated and the quality has to be high.

Do you think CBS is up for the challenge?

Awesome. I didn't know Rush Hour had TV series going. But Training Day is, as you said, an absolute classic and it'd be cool to see something fresh from the storyline after a bunch of years.
@jeff4122 I would love to see them breath life back into the series, but only if they are going to really put a budget behind it. I would hate to see them tarnish the legacy of this film with a low to midlevel show. If they are going to do this, they should do it right