can a northeast indian girl can became a kpop idol
10 Answers
yes it'll be hard though you just have to work three times harder than everyone else
I don't see why not
You can, but it'll be harder. But Chase your dreams!
Can Anyone become an idol? yes. You can all become idols or "whatever you want to be", but you get payed less since you're not korean and Have to put 10× more effort than regular idols do since you're not korean and you HAVE TO know a little bit of korean too. All 'International' Idols get payed less then Korean Born or half Korean Idols.
of course can , make sure when they perform all lighting must 4 times brighter .
if a Hmong, Chinese, and Tai preformer can become a kpop idol than I'm pretty sure that anyone can at this point
Anyone can!!! It will be harder, but not impossible!
Anything is possible. Depends if you have talent and probably your age.