why do people suscide????
12 Answers
some people believe it's the only way out or the last option. sometime it's hard for people to open up to others so they feel lonely.
they believe killing themselves will solve their problem
people attempting suicide doesn't really want to die. they just want other people to understand them and what they are feeling. they commit suicide maybe because they think they are a burden or they feel guilt when they did something wrong or didn't do anything wrong at all.
Most often people fail to understand suicidal individuals. They don't want to die. They just want their pain to stop.
Because they can't find the solution of their problems. .so for them sucide is the only option or solution. ( btw it's sucide not suscide! 😊)
weak minded
they may feel that it is the only way to end whatever pain emotional and or physical that they are experiencing.
wen life gives them lemons
often, they are seriously ill. They are detatched. They lost their mind.
because the pain of living is much less than the pain of death.