Who's ur favourite person in the BTS group...mine is Jungkook
123 Answers
you don't say who is your favorite member you say who is your BIAS my bias in BTS is Jung Hoseok he is my sunshine and my baby 🙂
Ever single one😍😍😍
Jimin is my husband RM is my boyfriend yoongi is my guy best friend Jin is handsome boo boo JHope is my sin(temptation) V is my cut up buddy, shopping king, and lover kookie is my everything and then some
I actually love every member and I don't have bias❤️
I love all of them but Suga is my definitely favorite! 💜
jungkookie is the best/cutest but I believe that the band is amazing, love you bts😃😃😃😃
V 😍😍😍
yasss boo boo but v is mines 4ever
my bias is suga but I love them all
me to
jimin is bae 😍😍😘