if u r seein a bald eagle at a zoo.. u r looking at d American symbol of freedom in captivity 馃槕馃槸
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bald eagle numbers have increased since their near extinction, and are federally protected on top of that
so true
that right they have are symbol of freedom captive but there almost extinct
so true though
no because their going extinct
or proof of americans protecting and strengthening freedom! we've been successfully growing the number of theses awesome birds for a while now :)
We're all to blame when thinking about this honestly. It would be great if ,down the road a few years, we can thank ourselves for realizing our short comings and positively influenced the "Bald Eagle"returning in abundance. THAT'S WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON
I read that they are breeding in captivity so they won't be almost extinct. What's the point if they have the AMERICAN SYMBOL OF FREEDOM living in numbers in captivity. They need more catch/release programs for the injured. Not keeping them locked up! What a sad example of how some Americans feel now.
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