What songs did you at first not like, but slowly started to enjoy?
9 Answers
jhopes daydream I'm in love with it now 😍🙂
used to dislike roll deep by hyuna but now I'm a fan
also another one was truth Untold every time it came on it would make me cry and so for some reason I hated it because I don't like crying but now the feeling is different I also can't get enough of that song as well it's still a very extremely sad emotional song but it's heartfelt and no matter what I still cry to it but in a good way and now I've actually play that song about a dozen times when I'm in a bad mood
mine was j-hope daydream for some reason every time I heard that song it just irked me and I always have to change the song but now it's like I cannot get enough of it I smile every time it comes on now
bts music but now I love it it keepse calm
Suprisingly enough it was Mic Drop for a little while but now I just randomly start humming it and I can't help but enjoy it!❤
I love BTS but i couldnt like Converse high or best of me for the longest time. But now i love the songs so much
hmm just one day BTS and lotto EXO
Not Today actually. As a bts stan im ashamed to admit it but yeah it took me a while...