any natural remedies for pigmentation and acne scars?
3 Answers
Natural remedies for pigmentation and acne scars are very hard to come by and sometimes can't be fixed unless you visit your dermatologist. But some things you should be doing for your skin is drinking lots of water, cleaning your pillowcase daily (tip: you can use a clean shirt if you're lazy), sleeping early (the golden time for your skin to repair is 10am-2pm), stay away from oily foods as much as possible (but it doesn't hurt to eat some), apply sunscreen to your face, don't touch your face unless your washing it, and limit your screen time. And be careful when you watch YouTube beauty gurus. IMO they are very unreliable when it comes to skincare, because some of them want you to put toothpaste on your skin and apparently it fixes everything (it doesn't. source: me 😭). It's important to do your own research before taking the advice of bizarre "overnight" "remedies".