is Korean a hard language to learn and where can I learn it?
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Dulingo is an app that helped me with my Spanish and French so I'm using it to learn Korean! It might not be easy at first but I did 15 min a day for a week and I can have I conversation with someone through writing or talking.(P.S I only started so I could understand BTS and BLACKPINK but ended up loving the language anyway).
I've been learning on the app Duolingo. it's kind of difficult
I've memorized their alphabet a little bit so far it's weird lol
Talk to Me in Korean was the first Youtube channel I ever followed and they have helped me improve my Korean skills for almost 6 years now. I recommend their site as well as they provide a lot of Korean workbooks, phrases and lessons for you to try out! They're always an active group as they update a lot of content in their social platforms. If studying doesn't do much to improve your Korean skills, you can also download this app called Hellotalk. I found that it's best for me to improve my communication and listening skills when I make connections with Korean friends. I've met a lot of Koreans there and most of them I still kept in touch with. I live in a city where there are a lot of Korean people nearby and Hellotalk has a "Nearby" feature where you can talk to Koreans living near you. The only downside of this app, however, are catfishes, weirdos, and people that ghost you for no reason, so yes, take precaution. Lastly, the app called Memrise. This helped me more with vocabulary and the app leaves a reminder for you to learn, or recall terminologies every single day. It comes with games too I believe. But this app also works, too! I hope these recommendations help you with learning Korean. I wish you the best of luck and I believe you will get better at it!
Yup, I even have Mondly Korean and Duolingo
Its not hard, You can install an Learn Korean app on you App Store 😊
Expand my knowledge and abilities.
i think you should check out Sitename support siite hope this helps!
In case you want to say ok!)
Can you please share us an image depicting the issue?
i would say duolingo is mostly for traveling it doent teach you a lot of things. i would say learn it how you want to because then its fun and its only hard if you make it hard.