I need advice and would love a friend to just conversate with, I'm really isolated and alone right now. my husband spends a lot of time in his native country is Venezuela helping them and everything is a big extended family and he recently got his permanent residency so he's been going down there as much as he can and I just found out through his text messages and emails and stuff basically that I don't have a girlfriend I think your girlfriend for at least all of last summer. he won't admit it had sex or not he keep saying they want they didn't they just there's just too much stuff against them to work we have two kids and I'm a special needs I just don't know what to do
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I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling so isolated and alone, I'm glad you reached out. You might find some relief in reaching out to family and friends, or even joining a community group or something similar. It can be hard when we feel like we don't have anyone to talk to, but there are always resources available for us.https://sterlingsenioradvisory.com/
if you ever need someone to talk to or just have something you want to get off your chest, hit me up anytime. i will try to give you the best advice i can and i will always be there and will try to respond as soon as i can. i hope your relationship improves 😊
First of all take a deep breath and close your eyes. Try and relax while you continue breathing in and out focusing on the breath that's flowing in and out, feel the warmth of it as it is exhaled and really vision the air as it goes in your mouth and nostrils, feel the cool air on your throat from each inhalation. Once you are relaxed simply ask yourself the question and really think about it. The answer that comes from your instinct is the answer from a higher power and just feels right. You may not like the answer but you will know that it is the right one. Life only teaches us with mistakes and without them we wouldn't grow. So embrace every mistake, each and every painful moment because they are how we find out who we really are. Be Thankful Be Kind Be You
great advise