ok 1st time ever doing something like this..not shy just finally reached a point n my life where Im feeling left out and so alone its making me depressed. Man/Other half Issues??? Its built up to where I dont even where to start... He was the love of my life when we met 12yrs ago. We were inseparable. Total time together was so exciting & adventurous that I got sucked into his world. Isn't that how love should be? 100% I was divorced after 25 yrs of marriage with 4 children. 2 adults & 2 still in school. I had gainful employment with 22yrs exp in my field with excellent references. I even had a License in a 2nd field for a backup source of. income. I guess I gave it (relationship) my all and I lost it all... Now hes the breadwinner and I feel like he's forgot about us..?? I do own my own vehicle so Im not stranded but Im where I want to be... I thought?? He goes to work regularly but he's contract labor so he's not tied to his location. Sometimes he gets off earlier and I dont even know it. We both have cell phones but he rarely calls me. When I worked I'd almost always call him at lunchtime to communicate. Or when I got off and had errands to run before going home so he'd know I "d be late. He never does and so I just expect him by 12am. Isn't that Fu? When he goes to his friends nowadays Im never invited. He goes alone. He now goes shopping alone? If I question him he says cant I have a life? Advice Im dying inside here. TY for listening
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Don't go further looking for a hacker hackerspytech @ gmail com has proved that there's still a genuine hacker. After my past encounter with some hackers I thought this isn't possible. Right now I have access to my partner's iPhone, thanks for the recommendations.
I appreciate the information and advice you have shared. https://www.employeeconnection.one/
get involved in other things. get a new bf
oh my god. that sounds rough and painful. also scary. hey in some support groups. meet new ppl fast