Why do people hate introverts?
11 Answers
I don't think they hate us. they just don't find the silence between us and them as comfortable as it is to us. For them, sitting next to an introvert is equivalent to us being forced to talk to a stranger.
Quietness is perceived as a lack of interest by some people.
wasn't aware that was an everybody thing
because they don't know every personality are unique and beautiful ..and disrespect it
Usually people don't like what they don't understand.
From my experiences, this has usually been the case.
FYI. introverts are not afraid of being themselves, they express differently. you shouldn't feel compelled always to start conversation; it's not that serious. they are too self involved to lie to anyone most of the time. just sayin. relax
You may be socially anxious, not introverted. Some people claim that they hate being introverts because they get anxious about social occasions and spend a lot of time worrying about what others will think of them. https://www.myhtspace.net/
Hate is such a strong choice of word. In my case, I always thought that I wont be seeing that person much to really explain myself, what I do, how, when, where..ugh. Will they even remember the details? Only a few true life companion stayed and they are all matters.
They are just scared of us. I do ask my friends about it a lot of times. 😂
well sure dont think everyone Hates us. often we can be negative and emotional often sad none sociable and think way to much actually can createa a situation or of nothin!!! tends to stuck the life or of some and make both parties miserable