are knock knock jokes funny to you?
13 Answers
Me: Knock knock! My dad: Who's there? Me: Europe My dad: Europe who? Me: NO YOU'RE A POO! My dad:.... what is wrong with you my child...
depends in the knock knock joke let's say the Sally joke Why did Sally fall off the swing? Because she has no arms Knock Knock Who's there? Not Sally 😂😂😂😂😂
I got bored one day and watched some pretty neat auditions on a show. one person in particular did a pretty neat yodle... lol amyways i made up a yodle joke. knock knock q) who's there? a) Yoda Layhea q) yoda layhea who? a) nice yodeling
Oh man🤦‍♂️ absolutely NOT🤣
as long as nobody actually knocks on my door, It's funny
@dirtsa2000 that is so cute
theyre so simple thats what makes them funny u know
of course yo