do you have any morning habits that helps you have a better day?
3 Answers
masturbation alwsyzzzz does the
@classylady77 Lmao that was great
I do i have a little morning ritual that i do where i noticed a huge increase in my energy and happiness throughout the day. First i keep a glass of water next to my bed and as soon as i get up in the morning i drink a glass of water. Next i spend 10 minutes meditating, meditating is still very new to me but i focus on breathing. After that i write down 3 things that i am greatful for in a journal. Next i find a daily inspiring quote and an article to read to boost my mood. Next i eat a high protien breakfast usually of 2 eggs, an apple and a glass of chocolate milk. Finally right before im about to leave i brush my teeth and look into the mirror and say a day affirmation and i usually repeat the affirmation throughout the day. Those are some simple changes that i have made to my morning retuine where i have noticed a great difference in my mood, i hope this advice will help you. If you ever need anymore advice ir just want ti talk hit me up, i will try to answer as fast as i can. 😊
I appreciate the information and advice you have shared.