In your opinion, what has been the worst anime you ever saw? (Boku no Pico don't count)
3 Answers
Parasyte The Maxim.. And I don't know why its so overrated. Its a dumb anime series. Only the concept is good and the first few episodes are also fine but after that it keep getting worse.
So, it's probably not the worst ever but Kakegurui (Netflix gambling amine) was pretty terrible, it had a decent first 2 maybe 3 episodes but then got pretty bad, by the end of it I really felt like the creators had no idea how to end the show because they wanted a 2nd season and didn't want the end the actual story. I was interesting in the gambling side of it but all the characters are super rich so there was no real risk, and thus it got a bit boring 😔
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn