How to register a business in Latvia? The business register is the central facility that keeps all data and records up to date. It is mandatory to submit the constitutional documents to the commercial register at the time the company is incorporated, as well as to submit any changes to the company's board of directors or the register of shareholders. The uniform register is also available electronically. The business register has the following functions: for the registration of companies and their branches, representative offices and representatives of foreign companies and organizations, cooperatives, for the registration of European economic interest groups, European companies, European cooperatives, political parties and their associations, administrators, insolvency administrators, associations and foundations for legal protection and insolvency proceedings, religious organizations and institutions thereof, trade unions, mass media, public and company agreements, significant influences, commercial pledges To maintain marital property and arbitration tribunals and to keep the relevant registers; To provide information about registered bodies and legally relevant facts; perform other functions specified in laws and regulations.
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