Do you think life is unfair?
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we have no control over who our parents will be or what our anatomical specs will be as adults. Our capacity to learn and process info is limited to varying degrees, but limited for all as we are only human and chock full of flaws and imperfections.We must accept the fact that we will always be inferior and superior when comparing ourselves to others and accept the fact that grunts must outnumber Generals
Agreed...and what I think is that whatever we get isn't in our hands but what me make out of it is. So life isn't actually unfair and it's our deeds which are and so we are the ones who shape n reshape our destiny
Life is both unfair and fair. Life is both comfort, and growth. We are constantly growing, and changing as each day passes by. It may look boring and the same now, but one day we will look back and see how far we came. Try to cherish every moment, and make your memories worth it.
Yes. Because of the situation you are born in. Your perception of life depends on the things piled against you. The place you are, your race, you sex, your sexual orientation; all these things have a weigh in on how the world views you. The society you are born to can have a weigh in on how your life will go. So before you are even born there are many different paths laid out. All of which come with some type of stigma attached. So yeah people can work away from the stigmas. Some people get luck and can live the life. But for a majority of people life sucks and they tried to just get through it one day at a time without breaking down into a broken mess. So yeah I would say life can be unfair. Sorry for the long post.
Nope...not at all depends on how we look at it
The universe operates according to rules, so in this sense, it's fair. But is life equitable in equal measure to each of us? Not that I can figure.
Life is not alive. In the way that water cannot be wet, life cannot choose to be fair or not. Life is the process by which you are able to percieve and analyze what fairness is or is not.
Life is a ying yang... it is both good and bad, both light and dark... there is as much that is unfair as there is thats fair
No, I think things that happens are just supposed to be
I have to say I was very disappointed with life once I had grown up and gotten out of highschool, and sat and actually thought about how much time was spent in a class we called. " Religion" ( because I grew up in Ontario Canada and went to Catholic schools all the way up from J/K to grade 13 or O.A.C as its called in Ont ) that's an hour a day 5 days a week for 15 years! all to realize one day that religion is just a concept and there is no actual proof of it being the truth. that the whole idea of a heaven or life after death is only to comfort us that in the end it's just over and when it hit me that all these adults had just been lying to me my entire childhood that really put a chip on my shoulder towards adults and the Catholic religion.....or religions all together really... especially since one of the biggest rules were taught as a child is not to lie! But who am I to know what really happens after death right!
LIFE IS FAIR I really think ,we are making it unfair through these unnatural systems ..