what are five qualities/traits you admire about RM? What quality/trait would you want to have yourself or that would emulate RM?
7 Answers
Confidnce ,pations, Looks, talent,smart, i would love to have looks.
the way he writes his music and his smile his intelligence and the fact that he is fluent in 2 other languages other than Korean. He is a ultimate leader and perfect for the role. They way he handles conflicts and disagreements and in the pulls everyone back together. Kim Namjoon is and person to look up to and is a perfect representation of a role model. This list can go on and on of how perfect and imperfect he really is Kim Namjoon is Flawed Perfection let he says " love myself love yourself "
I love his ability to write and his lyrics are just so good.
I love his smile....his dimples. He works so hard to make us happy. I really appreciate that. He is like the glue he is so helpful to the boys. One that I have myself that I would like RM to have is.....I really dont know tbh. hes the whole package. one that I would want to have from RM is working hard. I can't keep myself to one thing. ~Borahae RM~
I admire his bravery. The bravery it takes to lead the group and the one that does all the speaking in foreign interviews. His smile I just adore... the smile that lights up his eyes and his face of pure genuineness and happiness. I wish I could compose music or write lyrics for songs... I have never been able to do that but I have written poems. I admire that he still so down to earth and still shares his insecurities with us armys. finally I admire his intelligence, not just the intelligence in book smart, but his life intelligence and emotional Intelligence. he is truly wiser beyond his years and what makes him such a great leader and human being
I like his leadership. bts has been going strong for over a decade, and it takes a great leader to keep it together. not saying that he did it all cuz all of them are great and so friendly, the boys are so in synch with each other and act so natural with each other. but problems arose in the early years and hes the one that is responsible for cleaning the situation up. it takes guts to also be the spokesman in English speaking interviews. and that handsome face ain't bad either~👀💗💗😂😚
honesty, I love everything about him. everyone in the comments said it all. I wish to meet him someday,