Anyone know any good ideas for fruit desserts that don't involve chocolate, strawberries or citrus fruits?
7 Answers
Some ideas for fruit desserts that don't involve chocolate, strawberries, or citrus fruits are: Apple crisp or apple pie Blueberry muffins or blueberry crumble Peach cobbler or peach tart Plum clafoutis or plum crumble Watermelon sorbet or watermelon salad with mint Pineapple upside-down cake or grilled pineapple with honey Raspberry and almond tart or raspberry and coconut ice cream Banana bread or banana pudding Cherry pie or cherry compote with vanilla ice cream Mango sticky rice or mango coconut panna cotta
• Peach/apple/blueberry cobbler or pie • Fruit flavoured cheesecakes • Melon salad, maybe the kind with marshmallow but omit any undesired fruits • Sorbets/icecream • Waffles w/ fruit & whipped cream
carmel apple slices make sure to dab the lemon juice on each one so it doesnt lose color
peppermint tart / fridge tart