I've spent a 3rd of my life in a concrete box. This man plays nice, all lies, sly fox. Bounce back, rebound, no lie real talk. Do good, live right...still get locked up??? Shits rigged- thoughts runnin thru my head like just quit That quick- devil talking slick n tell me listen fuck that.. I'd play myself to lend an ear these people trynna hand me years what you know bout facing fears? -cuz I been staring in the face of mine year after fuckin year -I been staring in the face of mine n never shed a tear -prolly why I'm numb inside ain't got no feelings left l feel _guess I'm just wondrin why they hate me, all I do is keep it real? it's real life. and though some may look at mine and judge. you've no idea the things I've overcome to make it where I am today. I've made real sacrifices to keep my integrity in-tact. let's see you walk a day..
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