my girlfriend(17,F) and I(17,M) have been fighting a lot ever sense I caught her doing drugs(I like good girls and am against drugs and stuff). I love her more than anything in the world but she really broke my trust and hurt me. This is the second time she's lied to me about drugs and I found out, what should I do??? she also says she's really not doing drugs anymore because she doesn't want to lose me but it's hard to trust her now.... help??
2 Answers
I honestly don't think anyone can give ya the answer on what exactly to do,because you are the one with feelings & time invested. (people usually go with their own feelings, rather than keeping an open mind via advice given,with valid reasons why this person isn't right/good for you.=or the opposite. you should be with this person bc of this or that,rather than go completely with ur own feelings, peer pressure may make/influence ur decision)ANYWAY,lol sorry, now to my OPINION... I think that if you are having a hard time trusting her, how is that a healthy relationship? you should be able to believe the person you're with, because having to second guess any/every thing they say,that's no fun! its only going to make you miserable. Although some people believe that trust can be re gained, I am not a big believer of this myself. Because if I trusted you then you broke that, how do I know you would not again? I don't know that.& if you lied to me bout this or that, what the heck else would you or have you lied to me about!? resulting in SECOND guessing everything, making myself unhappy.{{pretty deep I know.}} [ I'm sorry. ] but drugs... that's a whole nother thing... 1-ya can't trust her. 2- she's doin/on drugs. . i think you know in your gut,what the right answer is..(or needs to be.) Sometimes,people have a hard time with-what their heads tellin em, n what their hearts tellin em/wanting! THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! Sometimes you have to let go of what's in your heart, to follow your head! One leads with more critical thinking, ect while the others more emotional. I know it'll be hard,if you choose to let her go,but she's gotta help herself, BEFORE you can help her. Good luck!