why is online dating so difficult?
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I find it difficult because if we can only talk or see each other online then I feel kinda like I'm dating a computer and not the person.
it is lonely out there
well, online dating is not so easy coz both the person involved in a relationship must be very logical and must understand each other and that's where the problem lies. people don't understand each other properly.
catfishing is too common!
• Swiping means always looking for the next better person • People conceal their true selves online • Not the same level of respect is shown (ghosting vs starting, "This just isn't working for me" like a mature adult) • Basically we just objectify eachother and ourselves. • Can't even get people to speak sentences let alone several dates to see if a relationship can evolve. • Hook-up culture adds more confusion as to intention, how long is too long; people assume what a normal amount of time is for getting to know someone before sex, or even feel safe giving a phone number to stop "endless messaging" (as many guy's profiles put it -because nobody should worry about stalkers lol).
idk... I was single, then, now, and forever 😂😂😖
Its difficult because first thing lot of fake profile and some really come for timepassing..Even when you get someone they dont really trust ..
i can relate. lot of fake profiles that really bring spirits down.
Because it removes the main ability that any decent person has. charisma. in person I can pick up just about anyone, but through text there's no.. effort. it's not how you say it's what you say. like reading a script.
people assume it's fir hookups and not meaningful conversation or learning about someone
all of the above, stay thirsty my friends
Not standing on a soap box, but from experience, All are valid reasons provided of cource you are looking for a relationship that has some meaningful connection. But all these answers have a common theme, all problems exist outside the user. What is the users motivation for the relationship? Is it out of self improvement? Maybe they have something to offer another that is of value. Maybe you have extra in so many areas you are compelled to put that Love into the universe. Too many times people put the internet and other uncontrollable circumstances to blame for the reason why they can't make a relationship work whether it's online or offline. what about billions of socially conscious people all doing their part? in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make... I think one of the Beatles said it I'm not sure I'll have to check with my wife. just go online and make friends chances are you might make a connection. If it works out, it works out, if it doesn't, it doesn't, but it's not because billions of horny people need sexual release and to experiment with their sexuality, or because there a hater and they just want to be a d**k.
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