why is online dating so difficult?
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I find it difficult because if we can only talk or see each other online then I feel kinda like I'm dating a computer and not the person.
well said, though despite being virtual, words can still have a profound impact and can definitely arouse thoughts and emotions...
• Swiping means always looking for the next better person • People conceal their true selves online • Not the same level of respect is shown (ghosting vs starting, "This just isn't working for me" like a mature adult) • Basically we just objectify eachother and ourselves. • Can't even get people to speak sentences let alone several dates to see if a relationship can evolve. • Hook-up culture adds more confusion as to intention, how long is too long; people assume what a normal amount of time is for getting to know someone before sex, or even feel safe giving a phone number to stop "endless messaging" (as many guy's profiles put it -because nobody should worry about stalkers lol).
Eye contact. Without it we can never tell what the other person is thinking. Also its easier to hide who you are through the screen and we end up disappointed when we discover the true face of a person
well, online dating is not so easy coz both the person involved in a relationship must be very logical and must understand each other and that's where the problem lies. people don't understand each other properly.
¡No podría estar más de acuerdo! @kaam8h , You're absolutely right. Although it's difficult, nothing like knowing each other personally.
I want to talk to someone in person so I don't see the truth in their actions
your right brother..the non verbal cues speak are louder than words👌
Its difficult because first thing lot of fake profile and some really come for timepassing..Even when you get someone they dont really trust ..
i can relate. lot of fake profiles that really bring spirits down.
catfishing is too common!
what is wrong with people that they want to take the best years of ur life and then break there promise and wish u would harm yourself??? are all ppl that evil?
idk... I was single, then, now, and forever 😂😂😖