If you had to show a non Kpop fan one song to get them hooked, what would it be?
9 Answers
Blood, sweat, and tears - BTS My favorite MV
bang bang bang -bigbang
NCT - black on black
BTS go go I actually showed this to my younger sis and got her hooked on bts
VIXX are my loves but, don't wanna scare anyone right away.....so....Blood, sweat, tears would be the go to. It is one of the best vids I have seen....beautifully shot...asthetic AF!
BTS - Fake love. I showed my mom it and she fell in love with that song
but to be serious, Awake by Jin or Stigma by V ( basically any song that has highnotes in it)
lock them in a room and show them every kpop song in existence
I got my friends hooked on Infinite ' Be Mine'!!
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