If you had to show a non Kpop fan one song to get them hooked, what would it be?
24 Answers
Blood, sweat, and tears - BTS My favorite MV
dude DNA, ride on the wind, love siento, dont, wanna cry, silver spoon, not today alot of different kpop groups songs 😂
bang bang bang -bigbang
NCT - black on black
lock them in a room and show them every kpop song in existence
BTS go go I actually showed this to my younger sis and got her hooked on bts
Attention By Charlie Puth 🤣💛
@Zicomintylove OMG yessss
DNA is what got me hooked so I would show them that
bts-the truth untold
BTS fire my first BTS song 🎧😀