so I broke up with my bf.. we we're in love and just.. he thought it'd be best if we we're just friends.. now he's already been talking about being with other girls (it's only been 2-3 weeks) I feel like that's really soon.. I'm not over him yet.. have I just been hanging on too long already..? it's the first relationship I've been in so idk
3 Answers
Man if this guy would let someone go and straight away talk to other girls then he's not right for you. He clearly doesn't have a moral standard while on the contrary you do. Go for someone who won't hurt you and won't lie to you.
it's not a good idea to be friends with him. you will never get over him if you continue to be around him. your feelings towards him will grow into jealousy, anger, and hatred. let him talk to other girls. he will soon realize what he has lost.
If u still have feelings for him but he doesn't for u and he is already talking to other girls then u should try to be friends with him if u still want to be close. also try to fine someone who won't lie to u.