Why do you LIKE or LOVE KIM YAEHYUNG ( V ) ?
9 Answers
because he has a dorky personality and he has no real big standards, he isn't afraid to be himself and he is loyal
because hes a fluff ball but more importantly he is a genuine and sincere person. kind hearted and always stays true to himself and his beliefs
could not have said it any better
because he is not afraid to be himself☺
He likes to sleep like I do
OOF! 1. he's a total mood 2. he's so adorable 3. he's funny and 4. he can go straight to sexy in 0.01 seconds.
I love him bc of his personality and he is just funny and cute and he is really humble
bc he's my everything πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
I like about Kim Taeyung is he funny