Do you support divorce? yes/no and why?
10 Answers
No, A husband and wife can work anything out especially if one another remembers why they were once brought together in a union.
Ill take Yes side. Everyone makes mistakes even They were very serious or consider to decide. Sometimes things could just turned out bad. And they have the right to fix it if they want to. Also I don’t think the definition of marriage is not “No matter what Keep carry on” Individuals gotta fine what really make them happy. If ur marriage has been shitty just throw out. Of course you guys should try everything to make better situations before you throw out the relationship. But done is done. Enough is enough. There’s uncountable people out there to make you smile and happy. It’s journey to fine our half of soul. Do not give a shit what other people say. Live your life.
divorce means the end of a bad marriage, either for one or both sides. not supporting it would mean that someone is forced to stay in the marriage
I could go into the whole bible part, but no. a husband and a wife should always make things work no matter what, but if someone is forced to stay then that depends on them
Yes or No Depends on situations and what both husband and wife thinks about their relationship
no if they have kid they should try to make it work
I do, I mean it's never a good thing to want to get a divorce but I do support it. I come from a family where our parents are divorced and it's a good thing. People tend to hid their true selves from their partners. But, once you start to live with that everyday you come to find out the truth and sometimes those people can be crazy or they could've been cheating. You never know what the case may be. So, to have the option to divorce you are able to rid yourself of the toxic relationship if that is the case. But, if you're fighting over something so trivial you should be able to work that out.
No I don't. I believe if you married someone cause you truly loved them. You should try and work it out . To do things to show each other why you fell in lovw in the first place. I don't believe you can turn your love off od the man or woman of your dreams
Si c'était le cas, alors pourquoi se marier. Il faut bien réfléchir avant de s'engager à se marier, car sinon le divorce est prévisible, quand on est pas sur une bonne longueur d'onde! 😋
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